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Freeze Frame - Photo Grabber

2.99 usd

Freeze Frame is a simple to use frame grabber that allows you to capture the best action shots from video to save or share via Facebook or Google+. Simply select a video, seek through to the chosen moment and click capture. Freeze Frame creates a frame bundle to your specifications. You can even capture every single frame.There are several use cases where frame grabbing from video can be easier than taking a photo. Freeze Frame is great for capturing those opportune moments with kids or pets that are missed by camera shots. You could use video instead of relying on a camera timer.
This is the full version of Freeze Frame, it is identical to the Free version after upgrade by in app payment.
***** NOTES *****
The quality of the frame grabs are entirely determined by the resolution of the source video used. We recommend using the highest quality video your device supports. Frames captured from video with fast moving background will also appear blurred due to the nature of video capture itself. In both cases the app will never degrade quality further.

Please try the app and refund if you have problems. We have had reports of compatibility issues on some devices. If capturing does not work on your device or you encounter another issue please email with your device model an we will attempt to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
Notes: * The installed apk is around 19MB due to video library support. Please make sure you have sufficient storage space.
Keywords: video, video frame grabber, video to photo.